Homelessness was not part of the plans. As a single dad, he worked several jobs trying to provide for his multi-generational family, including his parents and children. But unforeseen economic and health factors led to them losing their rental home, and the family was forced to split up—some moved into temporary housing, others lived with friends while Gregory had to move into his car. Gregory wanted nothing more than to get back on his feet and bring his family together again under one roof, keeping them all in the community that Gregory had lived in all his life.

Already connected with the Department of Social Services, Gregory was referred to HSP. The first goal of HSP was to secure Gregory affordable and secure housing. Gregory was a very committed individual, and spent his free time searching for available housing in areas that would meet his family’s needs. On one of his scouting missions, he met a property owner, who Gregory instantly connected with. The owner and his wife were very moved by Gregory’s plight. HSP and Gregory sat down with the owners, talking through the supports that HSP would provide the family—including funding to cover the rental deposit, purchase furniture and necessary housing supplies, in addition to receiving ongoing support to help them secure employment and learn the skills necessary to retain housing stability. The property owners happily agreed to give Gregory and his family a shot.

Once housing was secured, Gregory continued to advocate for his family. He set goals to get a good paying job rather than work multiple part-time jobs; to repair his credit after his many financial setbacks; and to make sure that his car, his home for far too long, was in better working condition so he could transport his family safely. HSP got behind Gregory’s efforts—he was connected with employment resources, participated in HSP group workshops on budgeting and credit repair, and HSP covered some of his debts so he could move forward with putting more money towards his savings and providing for his family. HSP also connected Gregory with a local auto repair shop that donated a portion of their services to complete some critical car maintenance and put new tires on Gregory’s vehicle, easing much of Gregory’s worries.

For HSP staff, working with a family such as Gregory’s was inspirational. With his family under one, stable roof, Gregory was able to fully use the support and resources he was given to become successfully self-sufficient. He never stopped moving forward, working harder to achieve his goals, all to ensure that his family’s needs were met and he could become a better provider for them. And he didn’t just become a better provider, he inspired his whole family to work harder towards their dreams, ensuring his next generation would strive for success as well.