Carlie's Story | Miracle Miles for Kids

Carlie* has had a mentor for a year and a half now. When Carlie first met her mentor Jill, she  was a 14 year old middle school student living with her FCNI foster parents. Carlie’s foster parents and Social Worker thought it would be good to match her with an FCNI mentor, someone she could do fun things with and who could be a stable influence in her life.

When Carlie first met Jill she was very shy and quiet. Jill spent many of their first meetings together trying to make Carlie feel comfortable while learning more about her. Eventually, Carlie began to trust Jill and one day about two months into their mentoring relationship, she shared with Jill that she’d always wanted to learn to play the piano but was afraid of failing. After getting permission from her foster parents and Social Worker, and with financial support from a donor through FCNI, Carlie and Jill began to take piano lessons together at a local music store. Carlie took to her lessons quickly and Jill loved getting to watch her blossom in her newfound talent. Just last month, Carlie performed at her first recital for her foster parents and Jill. Jill couldn’t have been more proud of the wonderful young lady Carlie is becoming and she can’t wait to see what Carlie will learn next!

*Names are fictitious to protect our children’s identities.