Carol's Story | Miracle Miles for Kids

Carol* is a foster mom in FCNI’s Wraparound Foster Care program (WFC). She deals with high-needs children who are experiencing crises. Allie* was one of her foster children. She came into WFC at the age of 17. Her previous living situation had been very unstable and she was in need of both physical and mental health care. Thankfully, FCNI was able to provide Allie with an immediate placement, securing her a stable home and enrolling her in school. When she first came into Carol’s care, Allie was very shy but would sometimes act out by saying inappropriate things. Allie’s Rehabilitation Specialists worked with her to help her develop more appropriate social skills to better prepare her for adult independence. They also helped develop a plan to help her graduate high school by the age of 19. Now Allie is living with a Wraparound Foster Care (WFC) foster family and is doing very well. She has become a very social and positive young lady. And Allie loves staying in touch with Carol. Carol is amazed at how far Allie has come and what a wonderful young lady she’s turning into. Allie is a good reminder of why Carol loves being a foster mom and truly believes that FCNI is where she belongs.

*Names are fictitious to protect our children’s identities.