Emmet's Story | Miracle Miles for Kids

At 18 years old, Emmet* was readying to emancipate from the foster care system. At first, he was pretty scared about emancipation because it meant that he would have to live on his own with no support system to help, and he had no idea how he was going to provide for himself. But then his social worker told him about Family Care Network’s Transitional Housing Plus Program (THP+) and he felt like there was a light at the end of a dark tunnel. THP+ is a program designed to help foster youth better prepare for adulthood, providing them with housing and one-on-one guidance so that teens like Emmet can learn critical life skills, get connected with community support and work towards achieving their goals. Once In THP+, staff helped Emmett move into his own apartment, obtain a part-time job and develop better budgeting skills. He used to get pretty nervous when he thought about having to pay for college and rent at the same time, as he didn’t have any family to fall back on if something happened. But with the support of THP+ staff, Emmet’s Social Worker and friends, he now feels like he has a good plan for the upcoming year and is learning the skills necessary to ensure his success. When Emmet finishes THP+, he will be given some basic furnishings and receive assistance finding and securing an apartment. Thanks to THP+, Emmett has a great foundation for a promising future.

*Names are fictitious to protect our children’s identities