Peter’s Story | Miracle Miles for Kids

Peter* was placed in an FCNI Emergency Shelter Care home when it was discovered that his dad and him were living out of their car. Peter’s dad struggled with substance abuse and wasn’t able to provide him with a safe home. Peter wasn’t doing well in school and wasn’t able to enjoy just getting be a kid. While Peter was really scared when he entered foster care, he soon felt better with his foster parents, Dave and Grace*. They were really patient with him, helping him to feel comfortable in his new home and making him feel like a part of their family. Peter was also matched with a Rehabilitation Specialist from FCNI who helped Peter learn better ways to communicate and express his needs to those in his life. When Peter was told that he wasn’t going to be able to live with his dad again because of his dad’s mental health issues, Peter was sad but understood. Happily, Dave and Grace asked Peter if they could adopt him. Since being in foster care, Peter has learned a lot about himself. One of the most important lessons has been that it’s okay to love Dave and Grace while also loving his dad. He’s also learned that while his new family wasn’t formed in the typical way, they’re a family nonetheless, and he couldn’t be more thankful for them.

*Names are fictitious to protect our children’s identities.